Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Bird Post


                  This is my blog
my name is Eva misclevitz. My blog is going to be about birds and how to attract watch and take care of them. This bird is called a blue bird. These birds eat only nuts,seeds and berries.

It is blue,white and brownish orange. This is one of my favorite birds.

Here is another beautiful bird and it's called a cardinal.

It is red and black. The female is a creamy brownish red color. They live in the east side of the USA. These birds eat only sun flower seeds,other seeds and berries.

Here is a beautiful bird and it's called a peacock.

It is blue,yellow,black,brown,orange and green. The females are called peahens they are brown and brownish green. These birds only eat insects and berries.

Here is a bird but not so beautiful it is called a crow.

They are only black. they mostly eat nuts,seeds and berries but sometimes if they are starving they eat dead small animals like a cat or mice.

Here is a cute bird called a chickadee.

they are creamy black,white and tan. These cute birds only eat small seeds and small harmless berries.

Here is a pretty bird called a parrot.

You can learn more about parrots at my other post.

Here is our national bird of the USA I give you... the eagle

These birds are for some black,brown and white. They are carnivores and eat only rats mice and fish.

Here is a bird you would like to see it is a kakapo.

These birds are a little bit bigger than a love bird. It is a endangered bird and feeds on seeds and nuts and fruit. These birds live in new zealand.

Here is a beautiful bird called a love bird.

These birds feed on seeds,nuts and berries.They live in south africa.

Here is the last bird and is called a robin.


Birds predators are the raccoon,eagle,cat, and dogs. The raccoon will eat the bird egg. The eagle will eat the small birds. The cat will eat small birds as well. The dog likes to chase them and if lucky the dog can catch the bird.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save The Endangered Macaws

There are so many endangered birds. But do you know what kind of birds? MACAWS! Macaws become endangered mainly because of deforestation.

The Lear's Macaw is endangered, they look like this:

A Lear's Macaw looks similar to a hyacinth macaw, but they are smaller in size.

The Buffon's Macaw, also known as the Great Green Macaw is endangered too. They are very pretty they look like this:

The hyacinth macaw is endangered, they look like this:

The Spix Macaw is very, very endangered, which is known as critically endangered. There are only 93 left in the world! They are endangered because the trees that they nest in are being cut down. Did you know the Spix Macaw only nests in one specific kind of tree?

The endangered Spix Macaw looks like this:

We must save these macaws. They need our help. We must go to the rain forest and see what we can do for these poor macaws. The cutting down trees is the worst in Brazil. Let's help these macaws not be extinct!

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Red fronted macaws, Descriptionred fronted macaws have red on there wings. And like all these other macaws yep they are endangered too. They are beautiful they look like this

Blue throated macaws are critically endangered like some other macaws. They look like this:

Please help me save these other macaws as well.Us macaws are counting on on you humans that we normally cant trust. Thank you for trying to help us!